WBU History

The World Boxing Union, Inc. (WBU) was a professional boxing sanctioning body based in London,UK long time ago. After all boxing sanctioning contracts were fulfilled, the UK company became dormant and eventually was dissolved. The “WBU” brand was featured in the movie “The Fighter” starring Mark Wahlberg. The previous incarnation WBU company of WBU titles were recognized in Europe. The former UK WBU titles have been held by Ricky Hatton, George Foreman, Thomas Hearns, Baby Jake Matlala, James Toney, Johnny Nelson and Micky Ward (on whom the movie “The Fighter” is based).

The prior WBU had a ‘golden’ period between 1996–2004 when its title contests were often shown live on satellite and terrestrial television. After the death of the UK WBU founder, the organization became dormant, which causes all titles to be vacated. This for all practical reasons was the end of the UK version of the WBU.

In 2010, after realizing there were no legal remaining assets of the UK based WBU and after a period of years had passed of no activity of the original company nor an operating subsequent company of such brand , the German-based WBU brand was formed, registered, licensed, and launched under the leadership of Torsten Knille.

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